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    CPR Reflection: The Story of Ev. Ry. Thing

    The Story of Everything, Conclusion and Chapter 1 Reflection January 12, 2018 Jude St. John
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    I really have no idea if anyone out there is following our 3-book CPR program. If you are, let me know…I’d like to have an idea of who the brave souls are (or maybe who are the suckers for punishment). If you’re doing three books—The Story of Everything, Gospel Wakefulness, and The Imperfect Disciple—let me know.

    If you are with us in the big boy and girl reading plan, than you will have read the Conclusion and chapter 1 of The Story of Everything.

    From chapter 1, “God’s Modus Operandi,” one quotation impressed me beyond the others. It’s not that there were no other impressive quotes or ideas, it’s just that this one quote was especially special.

    God has a plan for dirt and flowers, for sports and video games, for sandwiches and milkshakes, for anything you can think of. His glory will be brought to bear on literally everything. (23)

    Several things struck me about this statement.

    First, there are some really great things listed here. I give my special smiley-face emoji to sports, sandwiches, and milkshakes. For me, these things already have the aroma of glory; I can smell it with the “nostrils of my heart.” But Wilson is asserting something more than just the things we already love and admire will reflect and resonate with his glory. Even the things we don’t like will have the glory of God come to bear on them. That is, not only will prosciutto and roasted red peppers on a ciabatta bun demonstrate that God is glorious, but so will soy milk and gluten-free anything. Cool!

    Second, if God’s glory will come to bear on everything that means it will come to bear on you and me and every person who has ever lived. That’s awesome. Or maybe awful. You see, God will be glorified through humanity either in salvation or judgment. We get that our salvation will be for God’s glory. But judgment will be for his glory as well. This is hard to wrap our minds around, but the eternal punishment of those who reject their Creator WILL result in his glory. Believe it. As Wilson states, “[His own glory] is God’s endgame for everything. Ev. Ry. Thing.

    Finally, if you are a believer—of the household of God, one of God’s people, a Christian—than you have a role to play in regards to this glory game. We are to participate with God in bringing his glory to bear on everything! The chief end of man is to glorify God: we must bring his glory to bear on everything from our perspective as well as appreciating that he will bring it to bear. And it’s not that we will bring it to bear to the same magnitude as him. We won’t. But we do participate in God’s end game. What a privilege! We need to ask questions: Is God glorified in this? How is God glorified in this? How can I glorify God in this? More specifically: Is God glorified in this black cherry milkshake? How so? And how can I maximally glorify God as I enjoy this black cherry milkshake? I think this is where Wilson is heading in The Story of Everything; I’m looking forward to it!

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