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    CPR2019 Reflection #1 - Gospel Urgency

    January 21, 2019

    Today we begin our blog reflections on our Corporis Preparatory Reading. If you want to prepare for Corporis conference with us by reading How to Grow by our main speaker Darryl dash, you can find out more info here. But definitely keep your eyes on this blog as we have other bloggers joining us this year as well as some material from Dash’s blog.

    In my former life when I was in better shape and when my shape had better definition to it, I played football. And once a week during the season we would have to play in game in which the opposing team didn’t just wat to beat us; they wanted to beat us up. Once a week there was some urgency about playing football.

    Before each game, maybe two hours before kick-off, I would listen to some music that enlivened my sense of urgency. One of the songs I would listen to was Van Halen’s Right Now. Here is the chorus from that song:

    Right now, hey
    It's your tomorrow
    Right now,
    C'mon, it's everything
    Right now,
    Catch a magic moment, do it
    Right here and now
    It means everything

    The repetition of the title—“right now”—throughout this song give it the sense of urgency that made it appealing to me as a pre-game pick-me-up. This song and others were helpful because I would often find myself forgetting or neglecting the gravity of the moment (if football games can be considered a grave occasions that is). The songs helped get back to that urgent “head-space” that playing a game like football required.

    In chapter 1 of How to Grow—a chapter called “The Best News Ever and What It Means for You”—one sentence got me thinking about this topic of urgency: “We need the gospel now” (italics in original). Not in a few minutes. Not in a few hours. Not in a month or next year. “We need the gospel now.” I’m getting a little amped up about the gospel even as I type that lines a couple of times.

    I like that author Darryl Dash included this urgent encouragement at the very start of this book. It’s a good reminder to us, to me, of the every-minute-of-every-day type of urgency that the gospel should have in our lives. We need it now.

    Darryl gives us a dash (I promise I won’t do that again) of urgency in this paragraph on the gospel:

    Yet we can't wait ten years to define the gospel. We need the gospel now. We can no sooner take ten years to define the gospel than we could take a ten-year break from breathing. The gospel is the desperate need of the world and of every human heart. It's of first importance. Our churches need it. We need it if we have any hope of becoming who we were meant to be, because the gospel is the key to spiritual growth.

    What a great way to start a book. What a great truth to share as you start a book on growing spiritually. The urgency of growing in our faith helps us understand the urgency of needing the gospel now. There are other reasons we need the gospel now. But many of us would resonate with the idea of urgently desiring to grow in godliness and Christian maturity and we need to realize that the way that is going to happen is through the gospel. So it’s an urgent matter.

    I want to maintain gospel urgency in my life. I want it because I want to grow. And I want others to grow. And I want none to perish and all to have eternal life. In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul declares, “Behold, now is the favorable time; behold, now is the day of salvation” (ESV). Now is also the day of sanctification. I want to have that sense of urgency when it comes to my spiritual life.

    There are many things tempting me to apathy in regards to growth. The antidote for those things is gospel urgency. We need the gospel. Now.

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