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  • Feb12Mon

    CPR Reflection: When God Seems Silent, Read!

    The Imperfect Disciple, Chapter 4 Reflection February 12, 2018 Jude St. John

    From the chapter “The Rhythm of Listening” in The Imperfect Disciple:

    I know lots of people who complain about God's silence. As a pastor, I heard it more times in the counseling room than I'm able to count. "Pastor, I just feel like God is holding out on me. I'm talking to him, but he's not talking to me. God is giving me the silent treatment."

    But so long as we have the Bible, this is simply not true. In fact, because we have the Bible, it is an incredibly selfish and sinful thing to say. (93)

    Well, sometimes Wilson can be gentle and nuanced in his writing, sometimes he just comes out and says it bluntly. And sometimes it’s the blunt-ness, the face-smacking truth of a statement, which gets our attention.

    What an incredible blessing the Bible is, and what an incredible blessing it is to live in such a time where we have Bibles upon Bibles at our fingertips. And each of those Bibles allows us to hear from God 24-7-365. Incredible!

    I understand that sometimes reading the Bible feels like a lifeless, duty-driven exercise with no benefit to our souls. But, this isn’t the case. Despite how we feel, God’s word is a living Word that always accomplishes what God sets it out to do (Isaiah 55:11). God never truly gives us the silent treatment, at least not when we have his Word at our disposal.

    So, when you feel like God is giving you the silent treatment, persevere in reading the Scriptures. Read the Bible with an indefatigable posture. Read. Read. Read.

    Even if it is only out of duty. Read it and pray that God would add to the dutifulness a sincere delight. As Wilson notes, “it’s better to read the Bible dutifully than not read it at all. The delight has a way of marching back in, even uninvited” (91).

    The seeming-silence of God is dispelled when we take up his word with deliberate determination.


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