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  • Well, if you joined us for the Corporis Preparatory Reading, you are either finished or very close to being finished.

    If you followed the reading schedule for one book—The Imperfect Disciple—than you completed the book in April. If you followed the three book program—The Story of Everything, Gospel Wakefulness, and The Imperfect Disciple—you finish up next week.


    If you have done either of these things with us, thank you!


    For this post I’d like to help you become more familiar with the man who is the  author of the books in CPR and who is also the main speaker at Corporis 2018.


    I first came in contact with Jared Wilson without actually knowing it was Jared Wilson. I was, unbeknownst to me, reading his tweets on an anonymous Twitter account. To this day, that Twitter account is still the funniest Twitter content I have come across. Wilson was posting on Twitter under the handle @fakejohnpiper. The tagline of that account reads, “God is most glorified in me when I am most Calvinist in him. I brings the gospel hard core, yo.” And it gets better. Here are some of the tweets from that stream:

    And my nominee for all-time funniest tweet:

    For more on Jared Wilson, I’d like to direct you to two blog posts I posted awhile back. The first is a collection of quotes from Jared Wilson’s book The Prodigal Church which I found particularly helpful as I began pastoring several years ago. In it is the substance that next week’s Corporis Conference focuses on: consumerism and pragmatism in the church: 175 Tweetable Quotes from The Prodigal Church by Jared Wilson

    The second blog post is one Jared Wilson wrote entitled So You Want to Date My Daughter. Enjoy.

    Finally, let me encourage you to spend some time listening to the podcast that Jared Wilson hosts (called For the Church Podcast) and also spend some time reading the website that he is the managing editor for also called For The Church. This website has lots of excellent content in regards to its purpose which is “to engage, encourage, and equip the Church with gospel-centered resources that are pastoral, practical, and devotional.”


    After all of this, you should have a better appreciation for the author and speaker Jared Wilson.

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