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    Are you ready for CPR 2019?

    January 14, 2019

    Last year here on the Corporis blog we introduced something we call CPR which stands for Corporis Preparatory Reading. Here is how we introduced it: 

    Proverbs 4:23 instructs us to guard our hearts because it is the source of life (CSB). The ESV renders it this way: Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

    Keeping or guarding our hearts is a duty of great significance for all of us.

    So how do we keep our heart? What can we do to guard this source of life? I think there are many biblical ways to do this. The ordinary means of grace—prayer, Bible reading, preaching, etc.—are some of the obvious ways we can keep our heart. I believe growing in knowledge is one as well. One of the ways we can grow in our knowledge and understanding of God and his gospel is through reading theologically solid and Christ-focused books.

    It is for this reason we are initiating CPR: Corporis Preparatory Reading. CPR is a tool we can all use to keep and guard our hearts in 2018. Corporis is the annual conference we (West London Alliance Church) run in partnership with Crossroads Alliance Church.

    That, my friends, is the humble beginning of CPR which we aim to continue this year. In 2019 we will be holding Corporis Conference on May 1o-11. Our speaker will be pastor, church planter, and author Darryl Dash. So, we plan to prepare for Corporis, and at the same time keep our hearts, by reading the book on which Corporis will be based: How to Grow: How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life by Darryl Dash. Thus, CPR is a reading plan for our hearts that will also help us get ready for Corporis Conference. 

    You can look forward to reading blog posts about this book that correspond with the reading schedule which will be as follows:

    • January 20 – Foreword, Introduction, Chapter 1
    • January 27 – Chapter 2
    • February 3 – Chapter 3
    • February 10 – Chapter 4
    • February 17 – Chapter 5
    • February 24 – Chapter 6
    • March 3 – Chapter 7
    • March 10 – Chapter 8
    • March 17 – Chapter 9
    • March 24 – Appendix 1 and 2


    So, the week of January 20 you read the Foreword, Introduction, and Chapter 1; the week of January 27 you read Chapter 2, etc.. Consider buying yourself a copy of How to Grow: Applying the Gospel to All of Your Life and join with us as we prepare or hearts for 2019 and for the Corporis Conference.

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