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  • As Pastor Jude said in his blog, Darryl Dash begins this chapter looking at two lies. However, by my math, this chapter highlights many more than two supposed lies.

     He begins with his clearly stated lies:

    1. Nobody’s watching.

    2. Our lives are too ordinary to make a difference.

    Agreed. Those are lies that I definitely believe. But he...

  • In the final chapter of How to Grow , author Darryl Dash gives an impassioned plea for disciples to commit to invest in others as they—and we—are continuing to grow. The title of the chapter says it all: “Pursue Growth Together: Our Call to disciple Others.”


    Early in the chapter Dash runs headlong into two lies...

  • The fault is with me (and maybe you? Tell me I’m not alone?) and my propensity to take the foundational habits that Darryl Dash is talking about (Bible, Prayer, and Worship) and to use them as vending machine buttons.

  • In chapter 8 of How to Grow , Dash builds on the foundation he built in chapter 7. In case you’ve forgotten, chapter 7 is about the absolute necessity that reading listening to the Bible, prayer, and worship fellowship within a church are to spiritual growth. These core habits are crucial to our growth as disciples of Christ, and we never...

  • All this reading and writing about “growth” gets one sensitive to the topic. Like when you buy a new car and then see that car everywhere, focusing on this topic has my Spidey-senses tingling a lot in regards to spiritual growth. It is for that reason that when reading an article on sanctification a John Newton hymn referenced by the...

  • As I began to read chapter six, which is all about habits, I started to think, “This isn’t really about ‘habits’ as I define them, per se. It is really more about ‘the water in which we swim’ like I read in James K. A. Smith’s book, You Are What You Love .” You see, in that book, the author talks...

  • We need to formulate desire-shaping habits which lead to grace-empowered growth.
  • Do. Do. Do.

    That’s how I read the title of this chapter: “Master the Basics: Know, Worship, Obey.”

    Master the Basics = Get it right, Postma. These are BASICS. If you can’t even master the bare-bones easy bits, then how will you EVER move on to the big stuff of faithful living?

    Wowzers. Super encouraging beginning to this...

  • In his own words, author Darryl Dash summarizes chapter five:

    • Spiritual growth involves mastering the basics: knowing, worshiping, and obeying God .
    • Knowing God involves learning about Him and knowing Him relationally. Knowing God helps us know how to live well.
    • Worshiping God involves learning to love and value Him above everything and everyone...
  • Oh, the things that keep me up at night….

    I had been reconsidering my last few blog entries and was shocked and dismayed by the self-centeredness of them. Me, me, me… I, I, I…. my feelings, my abilities, my perceptions. Good grief! No wonder I’m not becoming more like Christ: I’m beholding my own reflection...